Repairing Exterior Stucco On Your Miami Florida Home Or Building

Stucco Repairs Miami Florida

Repairing Exterior Stucco On Your Miami Florida Home Or Building

Stucco is an excellent building material for high-humidity areas like Florida. In the past, many constructors used exterior cladding materials that were not stable enough. However, in the last few decades, stucco has served as one of the main building materials for most homes in Florida and other coastal areas.  It is important to know that stucco can show signs of damage, especially after a few years of exposure to the elements.  To prevent or mitigate damage, professional stucco contractors use proven effective methods for installation.

Why The Florida Climate Causes Stucco Damage

Florida’s humid subtropical climate can be harsh on a buildings exterior, especially a material like stucco if it hasn’t been installed correctly.  From base walls to drywall and interior finishes, contractors want to make sure that humidity and excessive moisture won’t damage the building walls.  That is why solid cement solutions like stucco are popular.

Stucco is one part of the cement application on standard walls. When stucco is properly applied it can help insure that no moisture will damage the interior walls.  The subtropical climate of Florida is also well-known for vapor gases in the air. When sea salt combines with chloride contamination from seawater, we get an air structure that causes damage to many buildings. These air gases play a key role in the failure of building materials. As a result, we can see cracks start to form in exterior stucco surfaces.

To prevent further damage to your stucco, it is important to repair it as soon as possible after damage has been found.

Types Of Exterior Stucco Damage And Their Cause

There are two different types of exterior stucco damage. One of them is static damage that can occurs shortly after the stucco has been applied.  It usually happens before dynamic cracks which are more severe and pose a larger repair problem for your building.

Static cracks are in general less than 1/16th inch in width and static cracks cannot be removed without the correct repair procedure.  Contractors can use magic marker pens to accentuate the cracks in the wall so they are easier to see and they can apply the necessary repair to these marked areas.

Movement and settling of construction is a natural process of stabilization after the construction process.  This process of stabilization can take months, if not years, and this period is when the building starts showing dynamic stucco cracks in the walls.

Prevention of dynamic stucco damage is almost impossible because contractors usually cannot predict in which direction a building will move as it settles.  It largely depends on groundwater under the building and exterior factors like wind, rain, and air contamination.

How Stucco Helps Your Building Remain Stable

Stucco is a building material with great potential to last. When stucco was introduced in the United States market in the 1820s, it was a natural replacement for standard cement. After many modifications, stucco found a place in construction across America and its use has remained very popular as an exterior cladding material for many different types of buildings.  After the 1900s, most types of stucco were a mixture of Portland cement and some lime. Nowadays, stucco represents one of the most essential building materials for both interior and exterior walls.

When stucco is applied properly, it can remain structurally sound, but micro-cracking is an evident sign of the porousness of this material. This characteristic of porousness is happening because of the usual additions that are part of the stucco mixture.  To keep the building safe from water, stucco contractors add materials that change the overall structure of stucco.

Besides the almost inevitable cracks, stucco remains to be the safest exterior cladding material in coastal areas. With a high dynamic of implementation of new materials, it is clear that stucco represents the most stable and most cost effective solution despite the minor defects.

Different aggregates that are usually part of stucco are great protection against defects. Nowadays, we have stucco variations that can withstand the test of time even in the most demanding climate circumstances.

Is Stucco The Only Solution?

Today, we have many building materials, but stucco stays the most reliable option in most situations. With great diversity comes great operational differentiation where contractors must be very careful. What makes the thing possible in one location doesn’t always mean that the solution will be possible in another place. However, in most areas with a tropical and subtropical climate, materials like stucco represent the standard in a building process.

With stucco, you can be sure that each step in the building process is taken with care. Surroundings play the most important element in deciding how much stucco will be applied. Sometimes, it is easy to have smaller amounts of this material, because cement requires an addition to remain stable. When you apply the right amount, it is a certain thing that stucco will keep the structure moisture-free and water-resistant.

How To Fix Stucco Damage

As we already know, stucco is a material that can show damage over time. To fix this damage, we must apply the right techniques and materials. One of the most popular repair options is an application of polyurethane sealant, which is both protective and resistant. With this sealant, the cracks in the wall are fixed/sealed and you can be sure that the cracks shouldn’t get any worse.

Aside from polyurethane sealant, contractors can use a pre-mixed stucco patch which is equally effective as other sealing materials. You can find this material in most stores that sell repair materials for DIY homeowners. Professionals also use them as part of their repair projects because these materials are long-lasting and durable.

Other fixing solutions like siding repair or hole injection are also popular among contractors, but these usually require special binding materials that cannot be found on every market. For a simple crack repair, it is enough to use patches or sealants that add more structure to the stucco material. With a simple implementation, your stucco wall will last for many years to come.

Choosing A Professional Stucco Contractor

When choosing a professional stucco contractor, you must pay attention to some relevant facts. Years of expertise play the most important thing in choosing the right contractor. Aside from experience, it is important to know what types of stucco repair options are the most common for a contractor.

There are multiple contractors that are capable of repairing small damages like minor cracks and static cracks. On the other hand, there are contractors that base their work on larger projects, like dynamic crack solutions and movement solutions in the buildings construction. It is wise to ask before any work is undertaken.  Will the contractor just be throwing a patch on the problem or will they be looking a little deeper to try and find the root of the problem if it’s structural.

In the process of selection, it is relevant how much work is needed and what the time frame is for the finishing of the job. If your contractor offers different solutions, it is time to select the option that fits your budget. Sometimes, you’ll need to invest a little bit more in stucco repair work, only because some stucco cracks require a more complex approach.

If you can find the right contractor in Miami, it is good to ask for other services that will improve the overall look of your exterior walls. Minor changes can make a huge difference in the stability and longevity of your stucco wall. For this reason, choosing the contractor that is both cost-effective and reliable will be your best choice.

Miami Fresh Renovations Provides Stucco Repair Services

Are you looking for a qualified contractor to install or repair a stucco exterior on your new or existing building?  Miami Fresh Renovations specializes in the installation of stucco systems and we have the knowledge and expertise to complete a wide variety of stucco projects.

Miami Fresh Renovations is owned and operated by William Perez-Borroto.  In addition to being a certified general contractor he also holds a masters degree in construction management and has executed over $70 million managing construction and renovation work within custom homes, condos, office buildings, and community club houses in Miami-Dade County.

When you choose to work with Miami Fresh Renovations for your stucco installation or repair project you’re partnering with an industry professional who cares about your project and the final product.

If you’d like to schedule an estimate to install or repair stucco on your building please give us a call (786) 382-1507 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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