Pergolas and Covered Terraces Hialeah & Miami-Dade County Florida

Pergola Construction

Pergola & Covered Terraces In Hialeah & Miami-Dade County
We build beautiful custom pergolas and covered terraces

Imagine spending your summer days lounging around on your back deck or patio underneath the shade of your own custom built pergola or covered terrace?  Maybe with a good book in hand or just relaxing with a cool drink beside you?  Pergolas and covered terraces make an amazing addition to any home and increase your enjoyment you get from your property.

Why Do You Want A Pergola Or Covered Terrace?

  • You have an existing pergola that needs to be rebuilt?
  • Do you want a covered area to relax by your pool?
  • Are you looking to cover your outdoor cooking area?

Miami Fresh Renovations is a home remodeling contractor based out Hialeah, Florida and serving all of Miami-Dade County. We specialize in designing and building custom pergolas and covered terraces for back yards, decks, landscaped, and garden areas.  Whether you want a pergola at the front entry way of your home, to park a car under, or something to cover your outdoor cooking are beside the pool, or a nice shaded area on your back patio the small team of craftsman at the Miami Fresh Renovations will be able to help you.

Pergola Construction

Pergolas are like the over-sized cousin of the arbor, quite a bit bigger, they are often built freestanding or attached to an existing structure such as a deck or the side of your home.  Pergolas can be built with a roof or no roof at all if you only plan to use the structure for spring and summer.

The pergolas we build for our clients can encompass an array of different construction designs and every pergola we build is unique to your space.  Your pergola can be placed anywhere and built to your specifications.

  • Attached pergolas
  • Free standing pergolas
  • Covered terraces and patios

An attached pergola can be attached to any structure you’d like such as the side of your home, onto an existing deck, over your hot tub, beside your pool, and more.  A free-standing pergola is a great addition to your landscape and can be placed in the middle of your garden, in your back yard, or even over an outdoor cooking area.

The Benefits of A Well Constructed Pergola

A pergola or covered terrace can help you get more enjoyment out of your property and it can also increase your property value. You can use your new pergola however you like whether it’s something built purely for aesthetic appeal or built for a specific purpose.

You can have more shade, a nice quiet area to relax, an area to cook, and more.  With a custom built pergola or covered terrace you’re not getting some kit sold at a big box store using low-grade materials.  You’re getting a custom built solution that is built specifically for your needs using high quality lumber and high quality fasteners so your pergola will amazing for many years.

If you’d like to schedule your pergola or covered terrace consultation please give us a call (786) 382-1507 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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